Thanks Apple bye bye WhatsApp

For me the Screen Time Widget (iOS 12) is a gift. It is the x-ray tool for self-induced diversions. Big time.

As some of you may know there is quite a tremendous difference between the time of the diversion itself, this tiny little scumbag called ‚diversion-readiness‘ and the very pushy, booty Mr GetBackOnTrack-Noooooww – exhausting he is, Master Yoda.

We will hardly be able to measure how much of our ability to deliver the best, being an adapt buddy or charming lover is scrambled due to our alertness

  • is there a new FB-Like?
  • new offers on my shopping-app?
  • chatter on WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram? -you name it

Honestly I’rather not know.

But, and this is a big but, since the Screen Time Widget we could know how much time we loose, respell it please: looooose as in get nothing out of it but kitten-GIFs, stupid jokes and sorry-pictures of drunk or disarranged people.

Right. Loose. Let’s get on.

Don’t throw lifetime in a wastebasket of kitten-pictures

Fact is, many scientists put effort into the measurement of how long lasts a diversion in total. You are disturbed by a mean 5 word text on W^A^pe.

Of course, anybody but me is able to compartmentalize the pity feelings and jump right back to work, our diner with our beloved partners and so on. Uuh – maybe some few are as human as I am.

The ratio ‹diversion-time› : ‹time to reestablish your focus-level› is about 1:5 at a minimum. For minute-wise diversion this is a pretty fair formula. Shorter diversion you can count by 5 minutes each without exaggerating your guess. 

Let’s be crystal clear. For looking at a kitten-picture or the next really really important blingbling on instagram you willingly loose 5 minutes of your lifetime

My Screen-Time-X-Ray conclusion after 8 Weeks – it´s daunting.

If you fail to proof you end at proof of fail

Do this 10 times a day and you’d thrown about an hour non-reproducible life time straight into your wastebasket – cheers.

I guess this is ok for all of us not hunting our dreams, reaching out for success, being sad about not enough time for family and road trips.

For me the Screen Time Widget was horrific proof of a quite lousy side of my online-personality. I simply underestimated my regularity and the time-consumption in total.

I recognized how much time I can spare by deleting one diversion app. Being out of the loop for low level diversion is no prize to pay, it’s enrichment – for me at least.

Thanks Apple and bye bye WhatsApp.