Merry Christmas – uuh wait a second

Soon, the majority of us will be smiling. All around the world X-mas will be celebrated. In Germany we will suffer from massiv overloads of sausages, cookies, Glühwein (horrible sweet vine plus some Schnaps of any kind). And – of course! – we will be happy at home, meeting our beloved ones, our families. We will forget about any disputes, anger and misbehavings – for 12 hours.

Even more, we will confirm our love and overwhelming whatsoever. To to give the impression of being truthful and empathic these days we sing songs, pray and – for good measure – even visit the church.

Everybody is in the hypnosis of peaceful happiness. The vast majority of ourselves take a peaceful X-mas for a kind of self fulfilling regularity. And I am truly happy for everybody out there experiencing this.

Still I want to suggest some amplifying to have a deep X-mas-Spirit experience. You do not have to go anywhere – you simply can read on.

So here are my proposals:

Maybe before you start chatting and laughing about presents and all the more or less highlighted without-saying-family stuff you want to think of all the families or lonesomes who lost loved ones in a horrible terror attack like Strasbourg, Paris, or a public shooting e.g. in the US by citizens gone mad. The same goes for people suffering from natural disasters. It may make you more grateful you can enjoy your family. It may also make living for the tested easier knowing we do not forget them. Maybe you even offer some company if you are nearby such a city and make use of FB, Twitter and the like?

Maybe before you let your kids open their Playstation4 mega pack you remember yourself of all the kids living in poor areas nearby, in poverty in third world countries – starving and fighting for their day to day living. Not to feel ashamed but to value your work, your rich environment. This may lead you to a feeling of responsibility. It even may cause you to do good and to make your kids happy.

Maybe you don’t take it for granted that you can wait until the ultimate X-mas-tree circuit at home while properly served by smiling waitresses, eating meals cooked by handsome guys. They may also want to be on their way. But they do their job with all their might to make your visit worth your while. So maybe you want to show them gratitude instead your grouchy face and tip them properly. You may experience a little bliss of selflessness and it may sweeten up their after-work.

Maybe you want to close your eyes just for a blink to be grateful to all the firefighters, nurses, policeman, soldiers, doctors, first responders and similar dutiful ladies and gentleman being on their watch because it is not only their job but the duty they feel obliged. You may realise they put their psyche, health and heart on the line for your wellbeing in case of an emergency or its wake. You may become more aware that your untroubled x-mas, even life is a gift granted by invisible people. You may stop thinking less of them. You may even start acknowledging them. They may smile thereof because they feel and receive respect for their chosen selflessness.

I, I whish all of you the very best, healthiest and charming x-mas you deserve – thanks for reading, thanks for sharing – your buddy Frank, by heart