The best way to form your idea a success: make it being your child

Are you suffering the feeling your idea is mangled and scattered by your fellow people, friends, banker and family? They cause no good to your idea and your positiveness and enthusiasm and there is no strategy to stop this brain drain.

The origin of my way to serve ideas is a confession: I deeply feel my ideas being my children. Nowadays this may sound ridiculous, esoteric, soft. I object resolutely – anybody having a go on my ideas? They better watch their luck.

So here is my way to safe my ideas from naysayers, know-it-alls and envious folks.

Ready to show up

There are times we need to decide. You have decided your idea is amazing. So you decided you owe it your best effort. You decided that there are no more figures to be checked, presentations to be prepared, graphics to be scribbled, code to be penned. You are all set for success.

Here’s where the bad news comes in: that was the easy part.

Attention – handle with greatest care!

Now, how to safe your ideas from being scrambled in the real world? Any friend and family member will have an opinion about you and your idea. Not only does anybody deem, they certainly now exactly what to do. Their ingenuity is the solely instance knowing right from wrong. And without saying, the have your best in mind. S.c.r.e.w. t.h.e.m.!

I do not want to imagine, how many extraordinary ideas, concepts, solutions and alike have been atomized by this bullshit-chatter.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

This holds true for your idea, too. But then again: It is your job to protect your idea against any misjudging, patronizing and downgrading.

Start feeling for your idea as a child of yours. I am convinced this is a top notch attitude to shelter your idea. Nothing new so. It’s only we sadly lost sight of it. So I want to spotlight it.

Accept your parenthood.

What strength and determination would you put in, what length would you go to make your child grow up properly, healthy, steady, loved and hugged? I am truly convinced everybody would spare no effort, right?

An intermediate proposal: Close your eyes – feel your idea as it smiles and is ready for the world. Count to ten. Continue reading.

Advertising your idea is giving birth to a flash of wit of yours

Uuh. Right… So, happy parenthood!

Remember the pregnancy: You had a moment of ingenuity (yes, your thoughts are that bright). It stuck to your gut. You chewed it, fed it and you embraced it. And after a few weeks of creativity there it is: your lovely idea.

The boost of parenthood: determination

Now ask you this:

Would you allow anybody to tell you, your kid is ugly, there is no place for it on this world, even in your apartment?

Would you allow anybody to openly disrespect your baby as a minion?

No? I thought so.

So why not feel and behave the same way while looking for the wellbeing of your idea?

I could not care less why somebody is nagging on my thrilling book-project, my advertisement-concept, my clue on a case. Anybody laughing at it or being disrespectful is a new ad-hoc nobody to me. Period.

  • Somebody is stealing your idea? A parent would do whatever it takes. Nobody would dare – right?
  • Somebody deems you are not the right person to look after your child? Who is he to blame! Remove him. Make him stop insulting you.
  • Someone does not feel the need to apology for misbehaving (remember: If someone treads on your foot it hurts – be it intentional or not)? Cheers! You just got a free seat in your coach for true supporters and friends. Enjoy your trip.

More important so: All this makes you an example how to grow up your kids – values, self-respect, truthfulness – you name it. I am sure I am spot-on that your idea benefits from you being such a person.

You are to adapt

Just a few are naturals looking at any matters of parenthood. Still that is no point to become a monk and stay ascetic of brainsex to father ideas. Guess what? Nature knows parental skills will be developed through love and step by step – no need for classes. Still one thing is vital: take responsibility and act like an adult.

I enjoyed the great article of Deb Knobelmann. She provides a great nudge to get your act together for the good of your enterprise. It is worth reading here.

Let me link one particular extract to point out the power of the attitude described here:

‹My friend looked at me. “Oh, I have no idea how our business is doing. I just like to create.”›

From my point of view it is naiv to outright complain that your growing company is messing up with your concept of work content.

Now I think things would deploy totally different if one indulges a parenteral attitude to his idea:

Any parent worth it’s salt would understand parenthood is not about knowing but caring. Thus one would always scan his personal surroundings for people being adapt to educate his child.

Looking at company growth as a lifecycle of a child. any parent would lovingly accept the headaches given by your 6 year old nettler. Breath and care instead of mull over and complain.

Your companies profit? Well, for the first years it surely is the idea’s parents responsibility to watch for it. Get sales department, accounting, controlling and all the funny brownies to work. In a way of course, which makes your idea beam.

Happy end

Eventually your idea became adult. The kid became an adult. A respected player. Healthy, strong, inspiring by itself.

You may retire now. Knowing you did your best. Lived your responsibility. All is well.

Imagine this proud, grateful self-inducted satisfaction.

Nothing´s granted

Wishful thinking is crab. Positivity is when reality comes into play. Matter of factly children die. Not all of them make it beyond the forty years, the twenties even. Still: thats why parents give their upmost best. Pushing the odds, reducing threats.

Final remarks

Hope for the best, plan for the worse. But not for yourself. For your ideas! Do not expect them to make you happy. Make them happy to feel this proud about your brains result had grown up into the real world.

And, for what it’s worth: Funny thing about me being father of my ideas is: there is no birth control, eh?